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Frequently Asked Questions

First Consultation

At the first consultation I will take a personal health history of a client and try to find out as much as possible about any health issues, worries or perhaps emotional problems. This will then be followed by a free initial treatment. The client will be lying down, fully clothed on my treatment table. I usually play soothing Reiki influenced music, but, of course this is optional. Some clients prefer to be treated without this.

The Reiki treatment will begin and I will then proceed to intuitively feel for any hot or cold spots in the client's aura. Sometimes I will place my hands on top of the client's clothes at specific locations, but all hand positions are non-invasive and are within the Reiki code of established hand positions.

What Benefits can be Expected?

After an initial consultation and treatment (I don't charge for the first treatment), clients can expect to have at a minimum four healing sessions at weekly intervals, thereafter it is a case of maintaining the client's energy levels to an optimum level. It is entirely up to an individual how many treatments they receive, perhaps attending once a month after the initial weekly treatments.

On a personal level I have found that my osteoarthritis has been helped tremendously through my self treating with Reiki. If you wish to feel healthier, brighter, more relaxed and less stressed then just pick up the phone or email me direct. I will respond as soon as I can to all calls and emails.

Appointment Times

I work by appointment only on a Saturday and Sunday and also between 6-8 pm on a Monday to Friday.


A one hour follow-up treatment costs £25, a one and a half hour treatment is £30.

What can be felt when clients are treated

The sensations can vary enormously by clients having a Reiki treatment and there is no correct set of experiences. The most common feelings are these:

Relaxation, sometimes very deep relaxation

It is not uncommon for clients to fall asleep as they feel so relaxed. Individuals can drift in out of consciousness and are surprised that so much time has elapsed on the treatment table. People may become more relaxed on a subsequent treatment session when compared to the first. It is a very personal and individual thing.

Heat or warmth from my hands, which can seem amazingly hot to the recipient

This is commonly felt over the forehead and if there is a lot of energy flowing then this can seem to be intense. The only way the body seems able to interpret or experience the energy is as heat. Some clients may feel cold or coolness, but this is less common.

Seeing colours

Some clients see a light show against their closed eyelids, sometimes rainbow colours, sometimes individual colours like violet or green, sometimes a flickering white light. Blue, violet, purple and mauve are quite common, the latter being the traditional colour associated with the healing energy. The practitioner can see this colour quite often too.

Floating or sinking

Clients describe feeling as if they are floating, or sinking, or both or 'melting' into the treatment table, or they may feel as if their limbs have turned to wood or stone and are extremely heavy.

Memories coming to the surface

Memories can be released when receiving a Reiki treatment, perhaps past life experiences or different stages from your life.

Emotional release

This is quite common and if it is going to happen it is likely to do so on the first treatment, with perhaps some repercussions into the 2nd treatment, possibly the third. It could relate to an emotional block or the release of a long standing unresolved issue. It is a positive step though as the block or problem is being pushed to the surface and dissipated.

Physical release

This is a physical counterpart to the emotional release and usually shows itself as an intensification of a physical problem while being treated, or shortly afterwards. Perhaps pains might increase during the treatment but afterwards pains will be subsequently eased.

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