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Background and Experience

As my Reiki teacher once said to me "Reiki will find you when the time is right for you". I have found this to be so correct and Reiki did indeed come into my life when I needed it to. I was the principal carer for my father until he passed away in 2015. Some time afterwards I came to the conclusion that I wanted to help other people, just as I had helped my father with his health issues.

I came across by accident a link which led me to the Reiki Network based in Chester and my wonderful Reiki teacher, Lesley Allen. With trepidation but also excitement I enrolled for a Reiki First Degree Workshop with Lesley and I was absolutely amazed by the whole experience. Indeed Reiki had found me and after waiting for my atunements to settle, enrolled for the Reiki Second Degree Workshop, completing this level in June 2016.

In the interim after my Reiki First Degree atunements, I have been treating friends, family and colleagues on a regular basis. The wonderful thing about Reiki First Degree is that until you take the Second Degree course, you are unable to charge for treating individuals, which is a great way of giving back positive energy to the universe.

I attend regular Reiki shares in Chester to treat people and also receive treatment. The great thing about Reiki is that whilst you are giving a treatment you are also receiving Reiki, so it's a win, win situation. I can honestly say that after treating someone I feel absolutely marvellous.

Now though is the time to take my Reiki to the next level and as I have taken my Reiki Second Degree course, I can treat individuals in my practice which is at my home in Cross Lanes, Wrexham, but I also offer a home visiting service throughout Wrexham, Chester and North Wales.

Reiki can help with the following conditions:

Physical Problems:

Sports Injuries,
Long Term Back Pain,
Palliative Care,
Postoperative Pain,
Low Energy Levels/ME.

Emotional/Mental Problems:

Eating Disorders,
Multiple Addictions.

Plus a myriad of other physical and emotional problems. Reiki therapy can also be used to cleanse rooms or houses of negative energy, the list is endless!

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